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How to Frontside 360 on a Snowboard

Frontside 360

The Trick

In-Depth Tutorial

About the Trick

The frontside 360 is a trick you’ll probably learn pretty early on in your freestyle snowboarding progression. Many regular riders prefer to spin frontside, as left is most people’s natural way of spinning. The frontside 360 can be harder than the backside 360 because the landing is blind. A frontside 360 ties a frontside 180 and a switch backside 180 together.

The Proper Setup

A common problem people have spinning of their heels is prespin. Prespin is where you initiate the rotation too early and are turned 90 degrees before you even leave the lip of the jump. On a perfect frontside 360, you will leave the jump takeoff facing completely forward. To do this, you’ll want to do a proper S carve. If you’re regular, start on the far left side of the takeoff. If you’re goofy, start on the far right. As you approach the takeoff, take a toeside carve in towards the jump so you’re coming in diagonally. Switch to your heel edge at the appropriate time so that you’ll be on your heels as you takeoff, but going completely straight off the takeoff.

In the Air

From here, turn your head with your shoulders and keep that rotation going. Your board will likely come around first, and it’s good to land on your toe edge so you have a solid contact to ride away on. It’s easy to wash out if you land flat based. Like I said, the last half of this trick is blind so it can be a bit intimidating. Most importantly, stay committed to the full 360. Landing at 270 can result in a heel edge hook that isn’t any fun. Once you dial this trick in, you can start adding grabs or even taking off of your toes instead of your heels. For grabs, I prefer melon, but many riders like to grab nose or indy when spinning frontside.

Spinning Hardway

If you want to learn to take off of your toes, you go into it like you’re doing a backside 360, but you pop off your toes as you turns your shoulders the opposite direction. I honestly find these more fun and somewhat easier, as I’m much stronger on my toes than my heels. With that said, it’s an odd feeling that’s a bit more technical. When going off the toes, you need to make sure to time it properly to not hook yourself on the takeoff. Be patient, and pop only when you’re really taking off. Best of luck with this trick! Leave me a comment with questions or tutorial requests!

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