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How to Nose Stall on a Skateboard

Nose Stall on a Skateboard

The Trick

About the Nose Stall

The nose stall is a super fun coping trick that feels great and is a stepping stone for similar tricks. As with all coping tricks, I’d recommend learning this on a 3-4 foot tall miniramp. I learned to drop in switch before I learned to nose stall, and believe me, the nose stall is way easier. Dropping in switch can help you get the feeling and will probably make the nose stall easier, but unlike dropping in regular and the tail stall, I don’t think dropping in switch is a prerequisite for the nose stall. I do, on the other hand, think you should have basic coping tricks like the rock to fakie and tail stall before trying a nose stall. A general level of comfort riding miniramps will help with this trick.

Doing the Trick

As you’re in the flat bottom of the ramp heading forwards, you’ll want to move your front foot all the way up to your nose. Just like a tail stall, roll up with enough speed to where you could do a proper rock to fakie. As you approach the coping, keep most of your weight back but put pressure on the nose and bend your back knee. This will bring the back wheels off the ramp and put you into your nose stall. Try to get the board at least parallel to the flat bottom, or higher as you get better at the trick. When you’re ready to roll back down, you can set your weight back and bring your front foot back to its regular position in one fluid motion.

Roll away fakie and go do another sweet trick on the other coping. Like most basic coping tricks, nose stalls aren’t too difficult. They just require commitment, which is often the hardest part. This is a really smooth feeling trick that I’d recommend learning. Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions! Best of luck.

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