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How to Raley (Superman) on a Wakeboard

The Trick

Raleys are AWESOME

I’m not sure how many people would disagree with this statement: The raley is the sickest trick. Like, ever. Maybe a few. Anyway, this trick makes you legitimately feel like superman and it’s amazing. It is absolutely terrifying to learn and often painful. I won’t lie about that. But landing your first one is so damn worth it.

Preparing to Send It

Lots of things come before raleys. Wake to wake airs, backrolls, tantrums, etc. etc. This is a trick that requires a hell of a lot of commitment and good board control. I’ve been told they’re way easier on cable since cable pulls you up. I’ve never ridden cable, but if you have access, apply these steps at a cable park and learn it there.

If you have issues with commitment, do this step first. If you’re ready to send it, move on to the next paragraph. Start with a wakeskate or surfboard – something you’re not strapped into. Get to wake speed and take the hardest heelside carve you can on that thing. As you hit the wake, let your feet float up behind you. Keep your arms slightly bent. Do not try to kick your feet up. They should just float out behind you naturally. Your back should arch and then your feet will start coming back under you. You can bring your arms up in order to bring your feet down faster. Do this until you get your feet under you consistently. Then strap the wakeboard on.

Actually Sending It

You might hear conflicting opinions on this, but when I learned to raley I was told to carve as hard as I possibly could, and I think it’s the best way to learn. Take the hardest heelside carve you’ve ever taken. You want the driver to feel you tug at the back of the boat. Keep your knees bent and ready to pop. As you hit the wake, smoothly pop and let your feet go out behind you. It really doesn’t take much thought or motion. You shouldn’t be kicking your feet out. Just let them go and they will. Once your feet get above your head, your back will be arched all the way and your feet will start coming back down. Keep your arms slightly bent and lift the handle up once you’re ready for your feet to start coming back down. You can bring your knees in to speed up the process as well.

Minimizing Pain

When first learning, it’s better to bring your feet down too quickly than too slow. It is way better to wash out on your heels than to catch your toe edge. You have so much speed on this trick that a toe edge catch is really, really not fun. Been there, done that. I would also wear compression shorts because, assuming you’re a guy (hell yeah if you’re a lady learning to raley), this trick really slaps your balls when you fall. Learning to time this trick properly and putting your first one down is one amazing feeling. The key to this trick is full commitment and speed. Remember not to kick your feet out but to let them rise on their own.

Closing Remarks

Also, when I was learning I had issues accidentally rotating like I was going to do a krpyt. This had to do with not keeping my shoulders square to the boat. I had one arm/shoulder higher than the other, and that put me off axis. Try to focus on being square with the boat. Good luck! Comment below with concussions I mean questions.

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