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How to Method on a Snowboard

Method on a Snowboard

The Trick

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About the Method

Every snowboarder should have a good method. It’s like a right of passage that earns you respect and acceptance in the community. It’s a pretty, signature trick that everyone loves to watch. There’s not a whole lot better than cranking out a big ol’ method on a massive booter and just holding it.

A good method takes time and practice to learn. Initially, you might struggle to kick it out all the way. Once you learn to kick it out all the way, it can be hard to bring your feet back under you. The method can be hard to describe, but I’m going do to my best to help you figure it out.

Method Trick Tips

When I do methods, I leave the jump totally flat based. As I rise, I kick my feet out towards the landing. Your front knee will be pretty far tucked while your back knee while be extended as far as possible to really poke it out. When learning, both knees might be at about 90 degree angles. Your back hand should rise above your head as your front hand reaches for a melon grab. Your torso will be twisted to allow you to be looking down the mountain, while maintaining the ability to bring your board back under you by countering the motion with your torso.

You should hold the method as long as a jump will allow. As you start to approach the landing, you can drop the grab and start to pull your feet back under you. Like I said, this can be tough at first. I like to focus on first rotating back to forwards and then pulling my feet under my body. It feels like a tail to nose motion the way you drop your feet back under you before you actually hit the landing.

The videos should help as well. I’ve managed to dig up some examples of when I was first learning methods, which are often the best learning resources. Best of luck. I want to hear about your progress in the comments below!

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