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How to Nose Stall Revert on a Skateboard

Nose Stall Revert on a Skateboard

The Trick

The nose stall revert is a fun transition trick on a skateboard that is actually much easier than the tail stall revert. It is certainly intimidating, but if you have your nose stalls dialed and are able to commit then it shouldn’t take you much time at all. I would recommend learning on a 3-4 quarterpipe. A wooden miniramp with good slick sheeting is ideal, but concrete works as well. If you’re on concrete, slick wheels are helpful but not essential. The more you stick to the ground, the more effort and commitment the trick will take.

Adding the Revert

Obviously this trick starts with a standard nose stall. The difference is how you drop back in. Be prepared to full commit! In a normal nose stall, once you’re in the stall you simply put pressure back downwards and drop in fakie. The revert forces you to focus on a few more things. First, you feet are going to want to slip off the board. You are essentially spinning the board with no pop – just the force of your feet. Your front foot is pushing forwards towards the toe edge of the board while your back foot is pulling backwards towards the heel edge of the board. Try to focus on keeping your feet locked in.

From the stall point, start allowing your weight to transfer back to go back down the ramp. Simultaneously pivot your feet in the motion described above. At some point in this motion all 4 wheels will be in the transition and you will be powersliding the rest of the rotation. At this point, your front foot still needs to be supplying force to rotate the board, but also needs to transfer weight to the heel edge to avoid from hooking. If your weight isn’t back on the board, your board can catch up and throw you down into the transition.

This does not mean lean back – it simply means have your weight on your heels instead of your toes. That really sums it up – it’s one fluid motion that can be intimidating at first. Commitment is the hardest part of this trick if you’re good at nose stalls. I remember thinking it was going to be really hard to learn, and I believe it took me 3 tries. Commit to it and get it done.

Best of luck! Comment below with questions or progress.

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