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How to Superman Frontflip on Skis

Superman Frontflip

The Trick

Words of Wisdom

Alright fools, get your pencils out and take notes because you bout to get learnt. With this trick, as with any good relationship, it’s all about commitment. Believe it or not, this isn’t a very hard stunt as long as you know how to front flip. Basically the only thing that separates this from a typical front flip is that you’re holding the beginning of the motion as long as the jump will allow.

Send It Like Superman

Doing this on a medium sized jump (30ft-40ft) is optima.l Any smaller and you can’t reach full extension, much larger and you just might poop your pants first go around. To start, come at the jump dead straight as if you were going to do a straight air. As you come up the transition of the takeoff, make sure your knees are bent ready to pop. You want to start leaning forward and putting pressure on the front of your boots. Once you get to the top of the lip, stretch out your arms in front of you and jump forward like you’re tackling. Once you have reached full extension and you can see the lip of the jump beneath and behind you, this is when its time to tuck.

To initiate the flip and get your feet back under you, it’s best to bring your hands down to your knees as if you’re hugging them. The end of this trick is pretty blind as with most front flips. Unlike normal, because of the extension at the beginning you can better time the rotation. Once you feel your head go under your body, its time to start opening up. Arch your back and plant your legs keeping your knees bent. Ride away like a pimp, and remember, you get bonus points if you do your first one in a superman onesie.

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