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How to 270 Onto a Rail on Skis

270 On

The Trick

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Doing 270s onto rails can be scary at first, but once you get them dialed they’re a lot of fun. You’ll want to have normal rail slides dialed along with 270s off before you try this trick. This tutorial is going to teach you how to do a regular 270 on, where your tips go over the rail first. It’s best to learn on a ride-on rail to avoid catching your tips, and then you can move onto urban-on features. This trick requires commitment, so go into it with your head in the right place.

Setting up for the 270

For a 270 on a rail you set up just like a 360 and as you pop of the lip don’t throw your body as hard as you would a 360 and make sure to keep your legs shoulder width apart and prepared for impact. When above the rail and while on it, keep your eyes focused on the end of the rail to stabilize yourself. Keep a balanced position on the rail with most of your weight on your back foot until the end of the rail when you pop off and finish your 360 rotation with the last 90 to land. Note that 270s on require spinning your unnatural direction onto the rail or sliding the rail your unnatural direction. Most people find that spinning your comfortable way and landing unnatural is easiest. If you choose to go this route, it is helpful to dial in unnatural rail slides first.

Tips Up!

Patience is key when learning this on urban-on features, as you need to wait to start your rotation until your tips are over the rail. As you rotate, look for the rail and once you spot it put your skis down in a slide and look to the end of the rail until you come off clean. Good luck!

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