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How to Backside 450 (Blind 450) Off of a Rail on Skis

Backside 450 Off

The Trick

In-Depth Tutorial

Building on the Back 270

The Backside 450 off is a natural progression after you’ve got your back 270s off dialed in and are looking to get a little more technical. This is fun trick to do on big features, but even on smaller rails you can learn to whip this rotation around.

Setting Up

You’re going to approach and get onto a rail as you would a normal skier slide. Once on the rail, keep most of your weight on your back foot. Dip the nose side of your front ski down to create more torque when you get to the last couple feet of the rail. Then at the end of the rail throw your leading shoulder in a thrusting motion in accordance to the size of the drop off the rail. Once off the rail and at a 270, you will simply be doing another 180, which some do with a twist of a hip for style. When first learning, focus on continuing to look over your shoulder and keep your body rotating until you’re looking back uphill and have brought it around to 450.

Riding Away Clean

Once landed, keep a centered stance, knees bent, and get back into your switch stance looking backwards to setup for your next trick. Once you’ve got your blind 270s dialed the back 450 is just committing to throwing a little bit harder and riding away switch. Set your edge harder and wind into the spin more and you’ll have this trick in no time. Leave a comment below when you stomp it!

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