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How to 540 on Skis

540 on Skis

The Trick

Before You 540

Make sure you’ve got your carving 360s dialed in before you try a 540. You should also be able to ski switch comfortably and do 180s off of jumps. Learning the 540 for a lot of people is actually easier than learning how to 360. This is because once you get past the discomfort of landing backwards off of a bigger jump, you actually have much more time to spot your landing and ride away clean. Let’s get into it!

The 540

Setting up for this trick, you’ll want a jump that’s a bit loftier than the one you learned a 360 on. I would recommend something with a minimum 20 foot gap from takeoff to landing. Take an s-carve into the jump and as you come up the takeoff, take your trailing arm and drive your shoulders towards the direction that you’re spinning. Make sure you look for the tails of your skis.

As you come around to 360, you’ll see the landing. From there, all you have to do is not open up as you would for a 360. Keep your body tucked/tight and push your heels towards the landing. Once your skis come in contact with the snow, continue to look over your shoulder as you ride away switch.

Extra Tips

If you find yourself landing really nose heavy on your 540s, try coming off the jump with pressure on the front of your boots. The easiest grabs to learn with the 540 are mute, safety, and tail. Best of luck with this trick and leave a comment below with questions!

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