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How to Hand Drag 360 on Skis

Hand Drag 360

The Trick

Alrighty ski nerds listen up, this trick is sick so you want to make sure you have it in your arsenal. The best place to learn these is on long rollers in the park, or on the knuckle of a steep jump. Regardless of what you can find, the steps are the same.

Learning the Trick

Come into the take off with a good amount of speed, the faster you go, the more time you’ll have to pull the spin around. If you exceed mach 6, you’ve gone too far. Start with a long carve approaching the knuckle. Once you get close, you’re going to lean into the side you want to rotate over. For me that’s my left, so I carve in and drop my left shoulder. Looking back towards the tails of my skis,
I simultaneously pop hard off my bases to get me airborne. Once this happens, drop your hands to the snow. They should drag only for a split second right under your face. This whole time keep looking over your shoulder to keep momentum.

If you do this correct, you should already be looking towards your landing. Bring up your knees so your tails are clear the put down the landing gear for a clean run out. This trick is easy as long as you commit and don’t give up. Always a good go to on an icy day because its a low risk high reward stunt. Once you got these down, its super easy to take it to wall rides, tire taps, pills, and powder pillows!

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