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How to 360 on Skis

360 on Skis

The Trick

About the 360

What up shredders? Today we’re going to learn how to do 360s on skis. This is an introductory level freestyle trick. It should be one of the first tricks you learn, along with maybe a backflip or a 180. With that said, this trick is actually easier than a 180 because you don’t have to know how to ski switch. As long as you can commit, this is a minimally technical trick that you can ride away from in just a couple tries. You should be comfortable hitting small jumps and getting grabs with control before trying this trick. If you can do that, you’re ready to 360.

Initially Learning the 360

As you’re approaching the takeoff of a jump, keep both feet planted. Stay flat on your bases. Put your arms out to the side, putting your body into a T shape. Your knees should have a slight bend and your feet should be shoulder width apart, or even a bit wider. As you come up the takeoff of the jump, keep your arms parallel to the ground, but start to turn them the opposite way you’re going to spin. Be sure to keep your bases flat and not to cross your skis on the takeoff. No carve is necessary when first learning this trick.

When you’re about to reach the lip of the jump, bring your arms back the direction you’re going to spin while simultaneously turning your head and looking for the tails of your skis. Remember to pop as you leave the lip and initiate your spin. While you’re in the air, keep looking for the tails of your skis until you can see the knuckle of the jump. At this point, open up to slow down your rotation. Put your skis down and ride away smooth.

Cleaning It Up and Helpful Tips

Once you’ve landed a dozen or so 360s and have gotten comfortable, you’re ready to start carving into them. The only thing that really changes is your initial approach into the jump. If you’re spinning right, approach on the right side of the takeoff. If you’re spinning left, approach on the left. As you approach the takeoff, carve towards the center the of the jump and then switch edges to be carving the same direction you’re going to spin. The goal is to be on your edge while leaving the jump completely straight.

Initiate your spin and pop as you normally would, and focus on staying upright. Carving can put you off axis, so remember to keep your head straight upright. Wherever your head looks your body will follow. As you get comfortable, you can start getting grabs, going off axis, or doing hand drags. The easiest grabs when learning are either safety or japan.

Best of luck! Leave a comment below with questions or comments.

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