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How to Frontside Boardslide on a Snowboard

Frontside Boardslide on a Snowboard

The Trick

In-Depth Tutorial

About the Front Board

The front board is like the Method of rail tricks. It’s so simply yet so sick, and everybody always loves to see a proper frontside boardslide. I have to re-learn this trick every single season, and by the end of the season I can lace them on quad kinks. Once you’re a semi decent rail rider, this trick is more mental and commitment than anything else.

Doing the Trick

Approach the rail toeside and ollie up. Pivot your feet 90 degrees while turning your torso as far forwards as possible and keep your head looking down to the end of the rail. The goal is lock that boardslide in at a full 90 degrees while your torso counters this motion in order to pull your board back to forwards once you reach the end of the rail. It really is that simple.

Extra Tips

If it’s that simple, then why is it hard? Because it’s freaking scary! You’re sliding a piece of metal practically backwards. Like I said – commitment is key. First of all, try not to zeech. If you don’t know, zeeching is where your board isn’t at a full 90 degrees. Zeeching honestly makes frontside boardslides harder and easier to mess up. Full commit to that 90 degrees. Keeping your heading looking down the rail keeps you controlled. When I learned this trick, I’m pretty sure I just hopped on backwards and let jesus take the wheel. Don’t do that. Even if you’re landing switch, keep looking down the rail until the end. This trick should not be blind.

Ideally, the rail should be centered between your feet. When learning, it can be easier to put the rail under your front foot. It makes it easier to pull back to regular and there are less consequences when you come off early since you’re farther away from the rail. I would recommend learning on a down rail or flat rail first. Once you’ve got it, you can start trying this trick on kinks. I must say, lacing a front board on a DFD is one of the best feelings on a snowboard and you should definitely learn this trick.

Leave me a comment with questions and good luck!

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